32″x 32″x 63″ Indoor Hydroponics Mylar Grow Tent Room for Plant Growing



  • Durability – Outside: Durable oxford cloth; Inside: PEVA high reflective silver aluminum foil; Metal bars and metal connectors.
  • Light proof – Our grow tent blocks all light escaping. On the interior, a 99% reflective mylar lining gives an efficiency lighting setups of any power configuration
  • Viewing window – The window on the front is a really nice addition cause it amplify your plant’s energy store by filtering out white light. You can peek in without having to open the whole thing.
  • Useful Zippers – Zippers zip easily. There are privacy flaps over the zippers and it actually looks like a wardrobe closet, it’s all black. No light leaks.
  • Quick & Easy to Assemble: Hanging bars and filter straps Included


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Build the most suitable living environment for your cherished plants and take good care of them simply by taking this 80 x 80 x 160cm Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent with Window back home! Effectively resisting any intense sunlight from shining on the plants, this tent could help to extend the lifespan of plants. Its high-strength materials as well as delicate workmanship ensure good durability and solid structure. This tent is also designed with a window. Such a room-saving and lightweight plant growing tent is worthy of purchasing!


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